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Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent?

With a variety of rental units and three rental seasons, we have an RV to fit everyone's budget. In general, our travel trailers are the lowest priced and our class B camper vans are at the upper end. We are happy to provide you with our Updated 2016 Rental Rates.

Is a deposit required?

A $250 deposit is required to reserve your RV. This will be applied to your rental fees. On the day of pick up there will be a fully refundable security deposit due: $500 for travel trailers and $1000 for motorhomes. Your deposit will be returned when you check in your rental unit in the same condition you received it in: clean, free of damage, fuel replenished, and tanks dumped.

What about insurance?

Motorhome Insurance
Renters of a motorhome are responsible for providing a full coverage insurance binder or endorsement on the motorized rental units (MHs). We will assist you by sending a Binder Request Form to your Auto Insurance Agents office with all the details of the RV you are renting that they will need. If your own auto insurance company will not provide this for you, then you will be asked to provide your Auto Insurance ID card and you can be added to our policy through Empire/Zurich. You will be given the opportunity to choose to increase the minimum liability limits to a higher amount (with a fee). Ask your Rental Agent!

Travel Trailer Insurance
Travel trailer insurance is different. The primary insurance policy is included in your nightly rent and your automobile insurance policy will extend liability to the trailer while you are towing it. We will send the form to your agent which lets them know you are renting our travel trailer and the dates of your rental term. You will need to provide us an Insurance ID card with your current policy # for the vehicle you are towing with.
Whatever you’re renting, we make it easy by helping you contact your insurance company with the request forms needed.

Can I take a pet in the RV?

Absolutely! However, you will be charged a nightly "pet on board" fee which will be added to your security deposit. This will be waived if you pet is a service dog. Many of our renters have pet allergies so be careful to remove any pet dander before you return the unit. We appreciate any advance notice that your furry friend will be along for the ride.

Do you allow interstate travel?

Yes we do. However, you are not allowed to take the RV or travel trailer into Mexico.

Are there mileage charges?

You have 100 free miles for every night rented. For example, if you have a seven night rental, you’ll have 700 free miles. After you have driven your free miles, the mileage charge is $0.39 per mile.

Do I have to have a special driver's license to drive your Rental RV?

A valid driver's license is required. You do not need a CDL or special endorsement to drive our motorhomes. We will run your driver history through the DMV though, and if you have any recent violations other than minor traffic stops, we may ask you about them and/or deny your application.

What if I've never driven a RV before?

If you are nervous about driving a motor home we offer classes. Contact us at 1-866-258-9032 for availability. Also, know that you'll gain valuable insight and some very helpful "pointers" during your one-on-one personal orientation-familiarization walk through at departure day.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer these discounts:

AAA Discount Rewards: 10% off the nightly rate

Service Dogs Discount: Pet on Board Fee is waived (still, no evidence of the pet being in the RV is appreciated)

Thank you for your service - Military Discount: 10% off the nightly rate

These discounts only apply to RV rental nightly rates.

How many people can ride in the RV?

The number of seat belts in the RV determines how many people can ride in it. Typically there is more room to sleep in the motorhome then there are seat belts. When you reserve your RV, please tell us how many seat belts you need! We will help you select the best fit for your group. None of your passengers may ride in the travel trailers while they are being towed.

What do the RVs come equipped with?

RVs come equipped with basic use items such as fresh water hose, water pressure regulator, electrical adapters and RV to shore cord (15 AMP; 30 AMP; 50 AMP), tire air pressure gauge, extra fuses, zip ties, latex gloves, shop towel/hand towel, broom and dust pan, pail, trash can liner, sponge, liquid dish soap and all purpose spray cleaner. Ask about our optional convenience item kits (kitchen/bedding) and our extensive suggestion list of "What to Pack."

How long does it take to check out the RV rental on departure day?

Plan to spend 90 minutes with us on departure day if this is your first time renting with us. That allows ample time to go over paperwork and get you a one-on-one session with tips and tricks for driving or towing your rental RV. We want you to know how to use the RV and enjoy it fully. Repeat customers take about 30 minutes, if they do not need another orientation. We will set a specific time for you to pick up and return the RV, and we appreciate you being on time for those appointments.

Can I park a vehicle in your parking area, while I am on vacation?

Yes you can! If you'd like, we can even arrange for your car to be serviced in our automotive service department while you're gone. Just let us know ahead of time and leave us the keys to your vehicle

What should I pack?

We have two "suggested items" lists that we're happy to provide for you. We also have several convenience kits available for rent, like kitchen items or bed linens. You can also check out our blog Keeping Your RV Organized to see how to maximize your space

What's the best way to ensure the safety of my pet while traveling?

If this is your pet's first RV trip, let him acclimate to the coach and find a space of his own before you begin traveling. Bring some of your pet's favorite comfort items: pet bed, familiar blankets, toys and treats. Do not leave your pet alone in an unregulated RV. Extreme temperatures inside your coach can make your pet ill or even cause death. Make frequent stops while on the road. This is a great time to stretch your legs and as well as your furry friend's.

When at the campground:

  • Make sure you clean up after your pets.
  • Keep your pet's medical records, vaccinations and vet's phone numbers close at hand.
  • Keep an ID collar or tag on all pets just in case anyone gets away.

What if I want to know more?

Feel free to ask us anything or download our free eBook, “Guaranty RVing 101” found at